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This journal is Friends Only.


Until I can come up with something better to say, that's it. Really.

Due to recent conversion of my tags to a filter-system, everything has become friends only. It's not impossible to become my friend. If you want to be added, sent me a message and we'll take it from there - however, I will NOT friend someone back based on the sole reason that they friended me.

You can check out my profile for some brief information, or ask for more in private.

Yours truly, Oblivian.

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Hey hun, unless you're wanting to follow the story this LJ account (Nanara) is probably better to friend.

That said, though... *friends you*

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*snug* cool, cool. And then I will direct you ^^

I am wanting to follow the story <.<.. though it might be better to do so on LJ where I can read whenever I have time.. eugh that makes me feel so bad xD

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May I be a friend?